Most definitely not, we provide step-by-step instructions and as much support as you need.
Only yourself! We provide everything, and do all the cleaning too! Paints, canvases, easels, brushes, aprons, water tins, table cloths and a super wonderful local artist to make sure you have fun along the way.
Yeeah we do! Have us set up in the comfort of your own home with your best mates, all the cleaning taken care of. We just need enough tables to fit your minimum 10 guests (or contact us to discuss), access to water for our cleaning buckets and we will sort out the rest!
We all love an excuse to dress up! We will always provide an apron for you but please know that acrylic paint will stain so please dress accordingly.
We can’t wait to host you! Please CLICK HERE for our bookings page, or place an enquiry for your very own private event!
For a typical, take home 40x50cm canvas masterpiece your all inclusive class is $80pp.
Anywhere from 2-3 hours usually with a short intermission in the middle, to have a drink, laugh and stretch the legs. We can choose an appropriate artwork to cater for your time available.
Have more questions remaining unanswered? Please email us here!