🥂🦁🎡💖 Let's celebrate Hollie! 💖🎡🦁🥂

Join us for a barrel of laughs celebrating our beautiful friend Hollie, all with a side of creativity!
As we know, Hollie is soon to be on her way to find new adventures in Singapore, and this will be a fond farewell to reminisce on her time in the Pilbara. You do NOT need any experience for this class, plenty of guidance with step-by-step instruction is provided to ensure you have a wonderful time together.

We will need a minimum of 10 people for our party 

Sunday 18th Sept
3.30pm kick off
North West Brewing Co
Karratha  LIA 6714

We love an excuse to dress up at Pilbara Paint & Sip!!
In saying that, acrylic paint can stain.
All aprons and table cloths are provided
but if you're prone to spillage please don't
wear that new Camilla ensemble.
Find our frequently asked questions HERE
Or don't hesitate to get in touch!
hello@blbcreative.com.au | 0433 434 731

Much love,
Pilbara Paint & Sip

We look forward to hosting you

Hollie's Farewell

  • 🎨 Sparkling wine on arrival 🦁
  • 🎨 2-3 hour guided paint session 🦁
  • 🎨 Your own take-home canvas 🦁
  • 🎨 Premium artist grade equipment 🦁
  • 🎨 Step by step professional guidance 🦁
  • 🎨 A barrel of laughs with beautiful friends! 🦁